Kieran Goldberg


Website Creator/ Reporter

Age: 22

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 11.00.21.pngI’ve been a football fan since I was just 1 year old, going to Barnet FC every week for 18 years. My passion for football led me to play for a number of academy clubs before coming to University. I’m currently in my final year at Coventry University studying Journalism. The 335 Sport website is a platform that is enabling me to enhance my Journalistic skills and use my specialist football knowledge to provide you fans with the best content.

My experience as a Journalist includes producing content and managing a small media team on a gaming website for a year with over 3000 members and creating content for a campaign at a London based finance firm.

I believe that non-league football fails to get the support from both the media and football governing bodies and that it’s in these leagues and at these grounds that real football and fans exist. I believe my enthusiasm for football will help 335 sport to become a hub for non-league midlands football fans.